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Oretha Herrera


Oretha Herrera is the brainchild behind this creation. The inspiration to her business started 10 years ago when she was accompanying her dad for his medical treatments at a local hospital.

She acknowledged and noticed the number of seniors unattended and managing on their own in the inconspicuous hospital halls.

That was when an idea sprung that her objective in time to come was to be of assistance to these people who need them. Fast forward to 2019, Oretha Senior Concierge Services was created.

Oretha started her career in the corporate world for 15 years, only calling it quits with the arrival of her 4 beautiful children. Currently she is also an active member at a local church devoting her live in the Marriage Ministry. She’s certified as an Alpha Marriage & Parenting Trainer. Her thirst and drive to pursue and develop new skills opened up an opportunity to explore Basic Counselling Skills with skilled counselors. In addition to that, she also participated in a trauma healing course.

Her deep compassion and empathy for the seniors are her driving force in ensuring success in this business, especially when there is a growing need to help families with their elderly loved ones.


Oretha’s Senior Concierge Malaysia is designed to provide a personalized non-medical support system to seniors who want to live independently. In today’s evolving world we find many families moving abroad either for businesses or future prospects. Those on local soil here live in a fast paced environment and are unable to provide the care needed for their parents. Our services ensures your loved ones’ needs are well looked into. We help you alleviate the stress, worry and anxiety that you may encounter to ensure your loved ones are well cared for.

The common issues that confront our loved ones in their old age are hospital appointments, social engagements, marketing for daily needs or just companionship. In your absence, we will ensure that these needs are attended and looked into. These possibilities will allow them to live independently and enjoy a balance and fulfilling life.

Our services extend throughout Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Areas beyond these perimeters can be discussed and advised accordingly.



Our mission statement is clear on how we run our service, and so our tagline says it all – “Caring For Them With Love.”

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Let us help you alleviate the stress, worry and anxiety that you may encounter during those moments you can’t give your very best to your elderly loved one.

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